Sunday, April 10, 2011

Get d Holy Quran Read Pen

Frenz...Get d Holy Quran read Pen. "Be with Al quran Anywhere, Anytime" can adapt to your soul. The smart pen can read Holy Quran automatically, complete recitation.

Reciting Feature for the touched Aaya, surah and page number. Have MP3, button pause and repeat functions. Package with complete Quran kareem, earphone, and charger to charge d read pen.

Everyone who interested, can get this thing with person incharge, Farra hot line; 012 3527774 / 013 9122551 or email to: Tq.

Note: Also can get d lotion of Therapy Chakra and 60% zum zum water (with 30 juzuk, Quran kareem) reading from tahfiz students.

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